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Wake Up Sweet Things.

I reviewed some experiences today after I got home. There was one about a girl who pierced her hand with a safety pin. Sure, it was trying to be funny and discouraging but she blames it all on drugs and trying to be hardcore then at the end says "don't do drugs, but do E, cuz it rocks!" Really fucking cute. I denied it because it had multiple swears and encouraged stupidity. Maybe it sounds stupid but I know if I was younger and impressionable and saw that experience as acceptable, I might think it's cool to pierce myself because it's hardcore. Then there are experiences I'm happy to take part in reading. One girl wrote a really cute pull experience, I enjoyed it so much I voted to feature it.
I don't know how ethical it is to discuss other peoples stories but sometimes it's nice to be able to vent. I encounter alot of stories that start off with a foolish act but then continue on to explain what was done wrong and how it was rectified. That's what I look for in an experience.

What do you guys look for?

I feel like this community has just about died before it was able to prosper. I'm trying to revive to in the spirit of IAM pride. There may only be so many of us, but hell, it's worth saving the community.

IAM pogmothoin
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